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AI and ESG for Corporates

On October 19, 2022

The CAP and other international speakers have discussed the following core topics:

  1. AI Governance and Strategy - Board Responsibilities 

  2. AI Implementation Practicalities - Top Tips and How to Avoid the Pitfalls 

  3. AI and ESG - How AI Can Support Effective ESG Delivery 

  4. Looking to the Future

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AI & Disruptive Technologies Workshop

Please join us on August 18, 2022

In this virtual workshop we're going to learn more about David Wood's new book on AI.

The discussion will revolve around principles to assist the anticipation and management of cataclysmically disruptive technologies.


CRAIM x London Futurists: “Economic Possibilities for our Children”

Please join us on September 24, 2022

The CRAIM founder & chairman, Hugh Shields, will give an interesting talk about perceived parallels on JM Keynes' essay and Artificial Intelligence.

In 1931, the famous economist Keynes published “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren”. In it, Keynes anticipated an age of abundance for society driven by automation. But he also worried that society might struggle with its purpose and objective. In this event, noted author Hugh Shields reflects on Keynes’ wisdom and suggests some possible remedies for society.

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AI and ESG for Corporates 2022

Please join us on October 19, 2022

AI and ESG for Corporates 2022 is the pre-eminent conference in the UK on the interaction of artificial intelligence and environmental, social and governance matters.

Intended for C-suite and other senior corporate decision-makers, the event is hosted by AI and sustainability expert Lord Shields of Chaol Ghleann. Headlined by Sir Dermot Turing, nephew of Alan Turing, you will also hear from a wealth of other world-class speakers.

Participants will take away a series of toolkits which can be immediately applied to strengthen both AI and ESG capabilities. 

This is a unique event in the UK and not to be missed. For those unable to attend in person, the conference will be live streamed worldwide.

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